Scofield, (David) Paul: English actor, perhaps the greatest of the post-Olivier generation, with a particular gift for conveying moral worth without seeming priggish.1

…the name of Paul Scofield remains synonymous with superlative, high-definition acting.2

...he didn't speak, but sang. One could listen to his voice, divorced from the text, as if to music. It was mesmerzing.3

I've never heard a story about Paul that isn't moving or funny or generous.42

He bought our cocker spaniel a beer in Tobermory, Scotland in 1969. 52

About this web site:

Paul Scofield did a substantial amount of television drama, radio theatre and spoken word recordings. Most of these recorded performances are buried in archives and not available to the general public. The lists on this website will make it easier for people to know what's out there and what's available. It will also present an overview of Scofield's extremely diverse voice-over work. In the happy event that BBC and Harper Audio decide to re-released the recordings — boxed sets of the BBC radio plays and Caedmon Shakespeare, please — the list could save their research departments some time.

I'm hoping that this site can:

  • Be a comprehensive list of Scofield's film, TV, radio theater and audio works (there's a whole lot more out there one would imagine, given his legendary reclusiveness)
  • Indicate, when possible, whether a performance has survived (many were taped over)
  • Indicate, when possible, where the media is physically located
  • Indicate whether it is available to the general public or what conditions must be met to access it.
  • Be a clearinghouse for information that might lead to the discovery
    of more recordings.

On this site, I attempt to identify each performance and give information about its availability, and physical location and conditions for viewing or listening if copies only exist in archives. If you know of works that have been omitted, please e-mail me the information. Corrections, comments and reminiscences are very welcome.

Highly Incomplete and Idiosyncratic Biography



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Photo: Copyright 1966, Columbia Pictures Corporation.

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